Yearly Update
3 min

Summer 2018 - Reflections, News, Milestones, and Plans

By John Adami

I need to do this more often. Sit down, collect my thoughts, send out an update. It’s not the most important thing in the world, and it certainly doesn’t attract a lot of eyeballs. On the other hand, it’s a good exercise. When you’re rolling along in the fast lane, it’s easy to mistake activity for progress, and it’s equally difficult to give thanks. Hopefully this little exercise will generate a little healthy introspection and insight. Please – join me for the journey!

Some Things Haven’t Changed … This summer marks the three-year anniversary of launching NWHD. The history of our little operation goes back to 2010, when Jon Young started his agency, and 2011, when I started mine. We’re proud to say that we are still working with clients that came on board in those early days, relationships that go back five or six years. And you know what? We’ve done a really, really good job for those clients. New production contracts supporting major programs, expansion of product lines, increased exposure with senior management, and robust plans for the next several years. I am so grateful for the investment these companies have made in our territory, their commitment to partnership, and the way they make hard work a lot of fun. This is the way partnerships should be!

Meanwhile, In Other News … The past couple of years have brought new partners into the fold. This fall we hope to bring on one or two new suppliers. How is this happening? Well, there’s something to be said for endurance (see above). There’s also something to be said for credibility and reputation. We also appear to be in the “right place at the right time”. As the technology landscape rapidly evolves, we are perfectly positioned to support established companies and new players alike, as they compete to get their innovative efforts in front of the right audiences.

The Road Ahead … Since growth is a matter of “when”, not “if”, it’s natural to ask what NWHD might look like in a few years. Glad you asked! Yes, we’re committed to scaling up, for a couple very strategic reasons. First of all, you need a certain size to create economic stability, especially in a cyclical industry. Second, if you’re not committed to growth, you’re vulnerable to decline. A growth mindset is critically important to sustained business success. So, NWHD is expected to grow, and at some point, sales engineers will be recruited to expand and enhance the services we provide. Investing in talent makes sense for our customers and the agency, as we develop future leaders. A clear win-win scenario.

The (next-bend-in-the) Road Ahead … Fall is always a busy time. Looking at the calendar there are supplier sales meetings to attend, an HDMA Rep Council meeting in Chicago, the TMC Fall Meeting in Orlando, followed immediately by the IAA tradeshow in Hanover. These events keep our agency informed on industry trends and connected to our customers, and the venues are great. You know what though? If it’s not fun, what’s the point? I am excited to see some of the many people in this industry that are friends as well as colleagues. They inspire me, personally and professionally. This September, as I celebrate 35 years in this industry, it seems fitting that I be on the road, where the conversations and the friendships are equally rewarding. Hope to see you out there!