Driving Supplier Success

Northwest Heavy Duty Inc. exists to accelerate the visibility, impact, and long-term profitable growth of Tier 1 Suppliers at PACCAR, DTNA, Volvo, and Navistar.

Who are these Suppliers?

  • Established technology companies that are expanding into new markets.
  • Innovators  targeting the heavy-duty truck market with new technology.
  • Small, nimble Tier 1 suppliers with innovative engineered products and a business model that emphasizes low-fixed costs.
  • Others! Perhaps your company is exploring the market and is looking for insights. Let’s talk:sales@nwheavyduty.com

What do these Suppliers Offer?

  • The next generation of vehicles  will be safer, lighter, cleaner, more fuel efficient, and fully integrated with the operational environment.
  • NWHD is working with suppliers that understand these challenges, and provide value-added solutions for the vehicles of today and the future.
For detailed information on Current Suppliers contact Northwest Heavy Duty Inc. directly.
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