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Big News!

By John Adami

NW Heavy Duty is pleased to announce the hiring of David Shrader, and the expansion of the agency to include account coverage at Volvo Truck, Navistar, and Hino. The same focused and professional representation that NWHD has provided to Daimler and PACCAR is now being replicated at heavy duty vehicle OEM’s east of the Mississippi.

“Wait” you say … “the name of the agency is NW Heavy Duty. NW as in Northwest, as in Pacific Northwest. What in the world is going on?

”We’ve always had intentions of growing the agency. The question was timing. Dave Shrader is an industry veteran, an individual with 30+ years’ experience whom we have known and worked with on many occasions. When he became available this fall, we knew it was a unique opportunity. Our challenge was to convince him that partnering with us would be an attractive alternative to retirement! Fortunately, he was open to our proposal.

Dave and his wife Vicki live just outside Charlotte NC with easy access to a large network of vehicle OEM facilities, including engineering teams, company headquarters, and manufacturing plants. Dave earned degrees in mechanical and electrical engineering as well as an MBA, and has held positions with Volvo Truck, Borg Warner, and other Tier 1 suppliers. Past positions have included technical and commercial roles, including three years in Shanghai overseeing business development in Asia for IMI Precision.

We welcome inquiries from current and potential suppliers that are looking for professional, local representation with vehicle OEM’s. The amount of innovation taking place in our industry is unprecedented; Dave is exactly the right individual to help suppliers collaborate and partner successfully across a wide range of technologies.

January means HDMRC / HDAD / HDAW, which after 15 years in Las Vegas made the move to Dallas. In February John and Dave will attend TMC; in March the agency will participate in NTEA, CONEXPO, and MATS. Looking forward to seeing many of our industry peers at these events, while staying abreast of industry technologies and trends.


By the way … even though we now operate coast-to-coast, we’ve decided to keep the “NW Heavy Duty” brand. What the heck … it’s paid for. Besides, it would be a pain to change everything now. Let us know what you think of our expansion, and have a fantastic 2020!