Driving Supplier Success

Northwest Heavy Duty Inc. exists to accelerate the visibility, impact, and long-term profitable growth of Tier 1 Suppliers at PACCAR and DTNA.

Who are these Suppliers?

  • Established technology companies, based outside the Pacific Northwest, that are expanding into new markets
  • Innovators  targeting the heavy-duty truck market with new technology
  • Small, nimble Tier 1 suppliers with innovative engineered products and a business model that emphasizes low-fixed costs
  • Others! Perhaps your company is exploring the market and is looking for insights.  Let’s talk: sales@nwheavyduty.com

What do these Suppliers offer?

  • The next generation of vehicles  will be safer, lighter, cleaner, more fuel efficient, and fully integrated with the operational environment.  NW HD is working with suppliers that understand these challenges, and provide value-added solutions for the vehicles of today and the future.

For detailed information on Current Suppliers contact Northwest Heavy Duty Inc. directly (sales@nwheavyduty.com)