State of the (NWHD) Union – September 2014

It’s September again. How did THAT happen?

I tell you how. The old adage is absolutely true … time flies when you’re having fun!

I launched my rep agency three years ago … September 2011. My daughter … our oldest child … had just launched, leaving Bellevue and enrolling as a freshman at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI. Her departure left a void that was almost entirely filled by our son, who was entering his sophomore year of high school. Band concerts, church activities, family stuff, fun with friends … plus the launch of a new business ... well, the calendar pages have been flipping at light speed. Here’s the update:

Not only is Nikki turning 22 and entering her senior year of college, last year she spent a semester in France, a semester in Honduras, and made side trips to Italy, Germany, Ireland, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and some other places I’m forgetting. On top of which, she’s engaged! The wedding is scheduled for August 2015, and Sandi and I are thrilled. Luke is a combat medic in the 101st Airborne (Ft. Campbell, KY), working on completing his college credits so that he can enter seminary in the Fall of 2017. Then it’s back into the Army for the long haul in the role of Army Chaplain. By then, Nikki will probably be fluent in Korean, in addition to her mastery of French and Spanish.

At 18, Jeffrey has matured significantly – he’s hardly recognizable! He’s second to no one on a drum kit, the reincarnation of John Bonham. He’s also thrilled to have been selected to serve as an intern at our church, where he helps lead worship. He is one of 90 students from around the world that are part of a two-year program, earning college credits, living independently, and growing in a significant way. He plans to attend a local four-year university starting in 2016 to study psychology. And play the drums. Wouldn’t you, if you could?

Sandi and I love where we live, and look forward to more travel opportunities in the next couple of years. Some of that will be business, including TMC meetings. As a board member I’ll be fairly busy, but Sandi looks forward to seeing Orlando again, and making her first trip to Nashville. We love our home in Bellevue, and seem to be hosting visitors more frequently. I’m blessed by Sandi’s ability to really make a house a home, know what I mean?

I could tell you about the growth of the business … which has been strong … but you’re busy and I don’t think there’s time for me to capture it all! If you’d like, call me and I’ll fill you in on details. I represent a terrific group of suppliers, I really enjoy my customer contacts at PACCAR and DTNA, and I’m working with some pretty cool technologies. The pace at which truck technology is evolving continues to accelerate, and it’s made for a fun and rewarding career.

Later this month I’ll be at TMC (Orlando FL) and IAA (Hanover, Germany). It’s part of the payoff that comes from 31 years in the industry … traveling and networking with great people that are making a real impact in transportation and our way of life. I salute my peers and hope that we cross paths soon! Until then, please don’t hesitate to contact me if there’s any way I can be of assistance to you! Cheers!

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